Folly Systems

Good Design,

Smart Engineering,

+ an act of folly

We are building product management
software for customer discovery.


Listener, a platform for founders and product teams to bring the voice of their customers to their teams.

metafolly product management software

— Our Vision —

To be the company where the best developers and product people in the world want to work.


‘Make Mistakes’ is central to our ethos.
It manifests in our attitude and our aspirations.

We are agile, and we are scrappy.
We embrace chaos.

Welcome to our startup world.

If you too have a strain of folly running in you,

Come Join us!

— founders —

Nishith Shah

Nishith Shah

A veteran entrepreneur, Nishith has been building consumer and enterprise internet products for over 15 years. He aspires to cycle across the length of India next year.

Deepa Shah

Deepa Shah

Deepa has been the design and product voice of the several companies that she has founded. She is learning Japanese and aspires to volunteer at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.